Sabtu, 28 Juli 2012


Do you like photo ? 
I do not think there are people who do not like to take pictures :D
You can take photos of various types of cameras
Could be from a camera phone, digital camera etc. 
I have some examples of photography captured :) 
and Check this out 

 good is not it ?

Senin, 02 Juli 2012


You all must know the guitar is not it ? haha

The guitar is one instrument that I like most
but easy to play, the soft tone that sounds every stringed strings are also very enjoyable to listen to.

I was still in training to play the guitar. I like to listen to people who are good at playing the guitar . xoxo 

In essence, not just the guitar alone a musical instrument that I like. And I am a music addict


Helloooo :D I'm back :)
This time , I will talk about "FRIENDSHIP

"Your friendship us a gift I enjoy opening every day."

Do you have a best friends ? xoxo
I'm  sure you all have a best friends , even more than 1 or 2 :D 

I'm sure, you guys  are all the same with me.  The same as not wanting friendship such as scissorsStraight without a hitch, but separating the  fused.
believe,  if you want a friendship like a sewing machine although a little painful, but brings together separate.

We met by a chance and turned into friends.
And now our destiny keeps us close to each other making our friendship grow more with the passing time :)

Opening my Blog

Hello everybody .
This is my new blog , how do you think? it looks good or not ? xoxo 
and this my 1st post too :D haha 
I hope you all love to visit my blog, and enjoy my blog .

And one more , don't forget to Follow my acc Twitter @dhanti_dianita . Thankyouuuu :*